The Christopher Chronicles 2.0

The Christopher Chronicles is a comic relief series of books filled with funny quotes and anecdotes that are one of a kind out of the mouth of babes "Christopherisms".

These books are designed with the best intentions to warm your heart, and make you smile. 

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Sunday Breadcrumbs...

Sunday Breadcrumbs...

Happy Sunday! I am introducing a blog hop today. It's been around for awhile, but I've just recently heard about it since, my blogger friend Rosey is one of the hostesses over there. 

There's no prompted theme, so I thought I'd just leave breadcrumbs to posts I've shared this week.

Tuesday  -  I introduced the blog series called "Our Land" over at Finding Ninee that I would be participating in. - The Key to Empathy is Knowledge

Wednesday - My contribution to Our Land - What comes around, goes around

Thursday - A stream of consciousness of sorts - I've got a hangover from a blog high

Friday - I introduced my best friend who is also my first guest blogger here - Call me "Pam"

Here's the thing... L-) I am so glad I don't have to chose which one for you to pick. :-? There's definitely a conflict of interest and really I love them all this much. >:D< But if you want help narrowing it down - choose between Tuesday and Friday. ;))
I'll worry about that tomorrow...

I'll worry about that tomorrow...

Call me "Pam"...

Call me "Pam"...

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