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About Me

I'm Kenya G. Johnson, a Writer, a Mom, a Photographer's Wife, and the published author of The Christopher Chronicles, living in coastal Carolina.

When the mood strikes, I blog to scratch my niche.

Blogging came to me in 2010 after having writer’s block. This site became an outlet for my sporadic musings and the journey inspired my growth as a writer. It continues with writing one storytelling publication at a time.

 I AM MY BRAND. I AM the genre that I write. I write ME.

About the stories

There are many favorites here commented on by my long time readers. However, my most shared story "A Story of Compassion", has been the most popular on this site.

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About my books

The Christopher Chronicles is a comic relief series of books filled with funny quotes and anecdotes that are one of a kind out of the mouth of babes "Christopherisms". These books are designed with the best intentions to warm your heart, and make you smile

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